Brazil Taquara Natural

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Region:  Caparaó, Matas de Minas

Producer: Quezia Tavares

Elevation: +1000 MASL

Varietals: Red Catuaí

Process:  Natural, selective handpicking and dried in raised beds.

This story begins with Quezia´s great-grandfather Elizeu Cardoso who first started to produce coffee on their farm and this knowledge has been passed on to the following generations. Quezia and Geovane were born and raised in this extraordinary and passionate coffee environment. After long years into coffee as growers, they came to know about the world of specialty coffee and were straight away interested to learn more what this was all about.

Hard work and persistence have always been part of their journey, and in 2015 they realised it was time to take their farm to another level and sought qualifications and knowledge that lead them to produce great coffees with aromas and unforgettable flavours. Quezia then decided to go ahead with a Q-grader certification to be able to have a better understanding of specialty coffee standards as well as grade their own produce, whilst her partner Geovane focused on the producing side of things learning and making all the effort to be able to implement the best practices, targeting the overseas market.


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