Welhome Filter Coffee Grinder Conical Burr ZD-10T

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Grind coffee to any size with the Welhome Coffee Grinder Conical Burr ZD-10T. This intuitively designed grinder is designed to work for filter brewing, french presses, and everything in between. Not recommended for espresso brewing.

The grinder is equipped with stainless steel conical burrs that grind coffee with uniform precision . 20 grind settings allow you to grind coffee for any brewer and switch back and forth between settings easily.

The Welhome Coffee Grinder ZD-10T is user-friendly, featuring a simple, yet effective, dosing timer that can run as long as 60 seconds. This timer allows veterans and newcomers to coffee alike to grind just the right amount of coffee consistently.

The grinder’s BPA-Free plastic body comes in white and black and will stay crisp and clean for years.

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