Brazil Rafael Vinhal Lot 22

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Sweet tropical aroma, creamy sweet coconut (yes Pina Colada vibes!), and fine chocolate notes are the most agreed upon tasting notes.

This Light/Medium roast is tasting delicious in any brewing method.

This is easily the most exciting lot we've roasted to date. Our team just can't get enough of it, with lots ‘oohs!’, 'wows' and 'flip me sideways!’ echoing around the roastery and coffee bar. Each brewing method seems to reveal new and delicious flavours.

Some of our regulars at the MIGHTY MIGHTY Coffee Bar have suggested a range of exciting flavours. DJ our local superstar personal trainer loves the sweet spicy Hot Cross bun notes in his espresso shot, David Vinteloper Wines tastes spicy Pinot Noir fruit in his filter brew, and for Sam 1965Lobethal, his latte brings back memories of sweet plantine bananas from his time living in Vanuatu.

So our hats off and we send MIGHTY praise and thanks to Rafael Vinhal, his team and Southland Merchants for bringing us this delightful treat!

Region: Brazil Cerrado Mineiro

Producer: Rafael Vinhal

Elevation: 980 MSAL

Varietals: Red Catuai Peaberry

Process: Double Fermented, washed

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