Ethiopia Shakisso Guji Natural

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Sweet pink floral and strawberry aroma, juicy mouthfeel, sweet orange, pineapple & passionfruit. A stunning example of Guji Natural process high grade specialty coffee. 

Region:  Guji, Shakisso.

Producer: Primrose

Elevation: 1950 - 2300 MASL


Process:  Natural

Collected from small holders 'garden coffee' within the southern Guji region of Oromia, Ethiopia. harvest in December to February only the ripest cherries are hand picked and dried whole on raised beds in direct sunlight. Careful and regular turning of the cherries ensures uniform drying and prevents mold forming. The cherry fruit flavours permeate into the coffee beans over 10 to 15 days before being de-pulped and cleaned. Primrose complete further quality control, as a minimum, a triple-pass through a colour sorter & a triple-pass through hand-sorting tables.

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