Organic Decaf

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Chocolate, nutty, raisin fruit.

Deep brew flavour minus the caffeine kick, with 100% organic Grade A, premium decaffeinated beans.

Medium roast profile, suitable for all brew methods.

Origin:  Mexico Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz

Farm Certifications:  NASSA Organic

Elevation:  900 m.a.s.l

Varietals:   Bourbon, Typica

Process:  Fully washed, sun-dried and 99.9% caffeine free.

Our Mountain Water Decaf beans come from Latin America’s first decaffeination plant that opened in 1983. Situated in Córdoba, Veracruz; the operation has grown and today is recognised worldwide for its quality control, research and development and innovation. Mountain Water isn’t just a name, the water used is melted glacial water from Pico de Orizaba [Citlaltépetl], Mexico’s highest mountain.

The process is highly complex but put simply the green beans are steamed gently then immersed in water saturated with flavour compounds of coffee. As osmosis occurs, the only property that leaves the beans is caffeine. The essential flavour elements in the beans stay there, balanced by the water already containing the flavour elements. The beans are then dried, analysed and cupped.

Mountain Water knows their coffee, selecting grades and origins that come through the decaffeination process with body, flavour and aroma.

In June 2017, the International Taste & Quality Institute based in Brussels with judges selected from 15 of the most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations awarded Mountain Water Decaf a gold star Superior rating.

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