Bomba - Organic Fairtrade Espresso Blend - Discontinued

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We are sorry to announce that we will no longer be selling the Bomba Blend. If you were are fan then please get the Sumatra Mt Gayo Organic as this was the bean holding this blend up and providing most of the great flavours in the blend.

We will no longer make an Organic Blend as from season to season we struggle to source high quality organic beans at a price suitable for a blend. The one origin that has been consistently great is the Sumatra Mt Gayo, and we will continue to source organic lots from this region if they maintain the high quality.

We will continue to source high quality organic Single Origins when we find them, they may not be certified organic but they are produced in regions which do not have easy access to pesticides and have farmed using best practice organic and sustainable methods for decades.

We have two amazing examples of this type of high quality organic in stock now

Ethiopia Guji Hadeso

Ethiopia Wako Aba Kochere

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