FUSE - Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail Mixer

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Fuse Cold Drip Cocktail Mixer is the real coffee you don’t have to brew – just pour straight from the bottle to create your Espresso Martinis and other coffee cocktails.

Using a cold drip extraction method to work magic on our freshly roasted four-bean blend, we’ve made a concoction that maintains all the best bits of a top-notch coffee and takes away the hassles of on-the-spot brewing (like nailing your barista skills for the right flavour balance).

FUSE Cold Drip Coffee for Mighty Smooth Cocktails

Cold-drip extraction means less bitterness and a balanced, smooth flavour, so you don’t need to add any sugar syrup.

Fuse Cocktail Mixer is packed full of proteins, so when you shake your cocktail into shape, you’ll get a perfect crema on top.

Available in 500ml glass bottles - Australia Wide Delivery.


30ml Fuse Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail Mixer - SA

30ml Unico Caffe Coffee Liqueur - SA

30ml Moonburn Vodka - SA


Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice.

Give an extended & rapid shake to produce a thick, smooth crema.

Strain into a chilled glass & garnish with a few roasted coffee beans.

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